Migrate To Australia Case Study

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1. When and where in Australia did Somalis migrate to?
Somalia is located in the eastern side of Africa. Majority of the 6 million (1991 population) individuals in the Somali community migrated to Australia, Victoria in early 1991. They specifically chose to migrate to Victoria due to its reputation for embracing multiculturalism.

2. What caused Somalis to migrate to Australia?
Following the outbreak of the civil war in Somalia, many Somalis fled to Australia to escape the rising famine, poverty and diseases that caused the deaths of nearly 1 million people. The country had plunged itself into lawlessness and chaos. From 1992 and onwards, nearly half of all Somalis had confronted starvation and or had been killed, and thousands fled their …show more content…

Because they did not yet fit in with the Australian community, they associated themselves with the diverse Islamic community.

4. What are the statistics of Somalis in Australia and what area do they work in?
In 2011 the average age of the Somalis born in Australia was 32 years old compared with 45 years old for all the overseas-born and 37 years old for the total Australian population. The age distribution showed that 5.9% were aged 0-14 years, 24.1% were 15-24 years, 49.1% were 25-44 years, 18.5% were 45-64 years and 2.4% were 65 years and over. Of the Somalis born in Australia, there were 2693 males (47.4%) and 2992 females (52.6%) in 2011. The sex ratio was 90 males per 100 females . (see appendix 1)
Amongst Somalia-born individuals aged 15 years and over, the contribution rate in the labour force was 51.8% and the unemployment rate was 22.1%. The equivalent rates in the whole Australian population were 65% and 5.6% individually. Of the 2054 Somalia-born who were employed, 19.9% were working in either a skilled managerial, professional or trade occupation. The corresponding rate in the total Australian population was 48.4% . (see appendix

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