Essay On Somali Refugees

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Somali Refugees In American Since about the late 1900’s Somali Refugees have been coming to the United States in hope for a better lifestyle than they had at home with famine and war. Somali refugees are brought to the U.S. by different organizations that support families from other countries that have had a hard life styles and isn’t easy living in their home country. They arrive in the U.S. being new to the country and not having much understanding of the daily living and also feeling unsettled. In spite of all these situations that Somali Refugees have to go through many people seem to judge the Somalis on why they’re here and by the color of their skin. However many of them don’t know the reasons that they had to leave their home country and be put in refugee camps as well being brought to the U.S. by charitable organizations with religious thoughts. Those organizations help those Somali Refugee families that have been forced out of their home country due to war to live in a better and stable country. With the help of those charitable organizations change for many Somali families to be able feel safe at all times of the day and not feel threatened or scared to leave their homes. Yet many people to judge Somali Refugees in America, people don’t have understanding the motives…show more content…
Somalia being ruled by different militia groups has made life difficult for many families to live in Somalia. There have been families that have lost family members to the Civil War that has been going. Famine has been a major factor that the civil war has caused. People suffering and not being sure if they are safe to leave their homes and go out with fear that they might get shot or get caught in a crossfire. Living in Somalia is not as safe as you might think and it hard for people to be living a country where there is not government control and is being ruled by many militant groups such as the most dangerous in
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