Children Don T Belong In Adult Correctional Facilities

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Adam Valneuzela
Mrs. Smith
English 1A
29 March 2023
Children Don’t Belong in Adult Correctional Facilities Children are suffering. There are children in adult correctional facilities such as prisons. There are high chances of those children getting abused, raped, and taken advantage of. These children are suffering from trauma and possibly have PTSD of some sort from where they had come from. A child can be born and raised in an abusive home where that’s all they’ve seen and grown up to their whole life. But when we move and place a child in a correctional facility with an adult or adults there’s a high chance of it happening again and this time, it's directed to the child. The child can be abused and hit all over again inside of where we …show more content…

At the age of just fourteen, Charlie’s mother had been struck very hard by her boyfriend and was knocked unconscious in front of Charlie and started bleeding (117-118). He was fourteen years old and had already started to see this abuse and cruelty. During Stevenson’s first talk with Charlie, Charlie said, “‘There were three men who hurt me on the first night. They touched me and made me do things.’ ... ‘They came back the next night and hurt me a lot’ … ‘There were so many last night. I don’t know how many there were, but they hurt me…’” (123-124). Charlie was a defenseless, scrawny, weak, teen who was raped by the older men in the jail. The older men had taken advantage of Charlie for their own pleasure and now, Charlie has to deal with that trauma. Stevenson continued to state, “I visited Charlie regularly, and in time he recovered. He was a smart, sensitive child who was tormented by what he’d done and what he’d been through,” (124). After what Charlie had been through in the jails, it stuck with him and is now suffering from all those traumas. Stated in the book, “Juveniles housed in adult prisons are five times more likely to be the victims of sexual assault, so the staff at Apalachee put Ian, who was small for hsi age, in solitary confinement,” (152) If Charlie was …show more content…

At the ripe age of 9, Trina's mother had passed away and from then on, her father would abuse and rape Trina and her sisters (149). Trian and her sister didn’t want to live that much longer but unfortunately, wherever they stayed, they would get sexually abused again and taken advantage of (149). Trina was a very young girl and for all of these unfortunate circumstances to happen at such a young age, it had caused lots of mental health problems for her. While Trina was transferred into an adult correctional facility, the book states, “Now sixteen, Trina walked through the gates of the State Correctional Institution at Muncy, and adult prison for women, terrified still suffering from trauma and mental illness, and intensely vulnerable–with the knowledge that she’ll never leave,” (150). Trina was facing lots of problems. She just killed her two friends accidentally, she had been sexually assaulted by her father and her sister's boyfriend, and now she’s in a state prison with no hope of getting out. Also stated in the book was, “Not long after she arrived at Muncy, a male correctional officer pulled her into a secluded area and had raped her. The crime was discovered when Trina had became pregnant,” (150). It didn’t take long before Trina had

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