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Charles Manson, Occupation, Murderer Birth Date: November, 1934 (age 81) Place of Birth
Cincinnati, Ohio. Charles Manson is an American cult leader whose followers carried out several notorious murders in the late 1960s and inspired the book Helter Skelter. Charles Manson is notoriously connected to the brutal slayings of actress Sharon Tate and other Hollywood residents, but he was never actually found guilty of committing the murders himself. However, the famous Tate-La Bianca killings have immortalized him as a living embodiment of evil. Images of his staring "mad eyes" are still used today to illustrate countless serial-murder news stories. The Manson Family—including Charles Manson and his young, loyal dropout disciples of murder—is thought …show more content…

His surname was derived from one of Kathleen’s many lovers, whom she briefly married, but it signified no blood connection. During 1936, Kathleen filed a paternity suit against one “Colonel Scott,” of Ashland, Kentucky, winning the grand monthly sum of five dollars for the support of “Charles Milles Manson.” Scott instantly defaulted on the judgment, and he died in 1954, without acknowledging his son. In 1939, Kathleen and her brother were sentenced to five years in prison for robbing a West Virginia gas station. Charles was packed off to live with a strictly religious aunt and her sadistic husband, who constantly berated the boy as a “sissy,” dressing him in girl’s clothing for his first day of school in an effort to help Manson “act like a man.” Paroled in 1942, Maddox reclaimed her son, but she was clearly unsuited to motherhood. An alcoholic tramp that brought home lovers of both sexes, Kathleen frequently left Charles with neighbors “for an hour,” then disappeared for days or weeks on end, leaving relatives to track the boy down. On one occasion, she reportedly gave Charles to a barmaid, in payment for a pitcher of beer. Charlie was adapted to a life of violence and loneliness. He kept to himself and didn’t have any friends. Charlie was an observer; he never got involved or talked to people. Soon Charlie was following in his mother’s foot steps. …show more content…

This is still a big impact overall world. Family members still being able to see this man after all these years. I believe that some of the “family members” of Manson has been through counseling, I am not sure that this has helped them. The family members of the victims would benefit from counseling and group sessions from then and to this very day. A victim of this sort would leave lasting trauma. The actual victims that were killed did not have a chance, this came to them at once with no warnings. I am beside myself on where to begin on finding help for Charles Manson and his members. Seeing his child hood up bringing has said tremendous amount of why he has turned out this way. I find it interesting that he himself did not commit the murders, he was in this for the love and those who loved him did what he wanted. He did not want to hurt people; he wanted to see how much he “family” loved

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