Bobby Beausoleil: A Brief Story Of The Manson Trails

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"I didn't go there with the intention of killing Gary...” He committed murder by stabbing Gary Hinman twice to death in July 1969. In the Manson Trails Crowe threatened Manson and his family (Manson Family), Manson shot him but he survived. Van Houten was charged with two counts of murder and one count of conspiracy. The murders happened about 45 years ago. It was 46 years since they went to jail. By 1969, Beausoleil was part of Manson's group, and that summer he would participate in the torture and murder of Hinman. Hinman had made some drugs, so Beausoleil went to Hinman's house, and the events went wrong(A&E Networks Television).
Bobby Beausoleil was born on November 6, 1947 and raised in Santa Barbara, California. He looked up to Charles Manson that’s why he did the things he did because Manson was their leader he was his leader. Important people in his life were Manson and the Manson Family. Bobby’s father worked as a milkman for about 20 years for Arden Farms before he stepping up to a managerial position. Anger has befriended Beausoleil again since his conviction. By age 12 he did in and out trouble like bomb scares, hitchhiking on the freeway, and walking dogs without a …show more content…

His second trial was in March, 1970 and that trial lasted for months of media coverage based on the Manson family. It was 5 months later when they started the trials against Bobby Beausoleil. The charge was 1st degree murder, since he got accused of murdering Gary Hinman which he did so he got a death penalty also. He was considered guilty and went to jail for about 12 years while being there he made music. He had escaped the death penalty 26 months after being incarcerated when voters from California repealed the death penalty. He said "You can't judge me. There is no possible way to feel any remorse," and "Only God can judge me and God is on my side"

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