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Charles Manson Introduction
Over ten people died all because of one person. Some were stabbed, some were shot, some were dismembered. All because of one person. Charles Manson was a notorious cult leader who traveled around California in the late 1960’s ordering his followers to murder innocent people and leaving others scared for their lives.
Charles Manson’s childhood. Charles Manson stayed in many different homes growing up due to the fact that his mom was missing most of the time. Ohio, Indiana, and Virginia were just a few of the places Manson lived at in reformities making his childhood seem tragic (“Charles Manson and his family,’ 2007). It started at the age of five when Charles was sent to live with his aunt and uncle after his mom …show more content…

Charles Manson took the position as a leader to many people who needed someone to look up to and follow. Manson started to gain followers when in San Francisco. Some of his followers came from cults, some were college graduates, but they all saw Manson as a God. Charles Manson was a mentor to his followers and they followed him all over the state. He had around 50 people following him and treating him like a leader (Newton, 2000). Manson's first child, a son, was born in the late 1960s after Charles Manson moved in with 23 year old Mary Brunner. Although there would be many to follow, she was the first woman who would later join the Manson Family (“Charles Manson and his family,” 2007). The group following Manson became known as the Manson Family in for the whole summer after getting his followers. Manson and his supporters traveled all over the state of California from Los Angeles, to Death Valley, to Hollywood. During this time, Manson came to love this song helter skelter by the Beatles, and the idea of death amused him (Newton, 2000). Even as an adult, his desire for crimes did not disappear. Manson spent about over 16 years in detention centers due to forgery, stealing cars, burglary, and much more (“Charles Manson and his family,” …show more content…

Charles Manson had many hearings to have the chance to get out on parole. Some people thought Charles Manson didn't deserve to be punished for the Tate murder because he stayed back at Spahn Ranch and weren’t present when the murders took place. Other people who had aversion towards Charles Manson thought he should go jail. Charles Manson once said that he wasn't the one in charge, he said he wasn't the leader of anyone, and he said he hadn't done anything wrong. At one of his hearings he got the chance of state that he want anyone's God and he wasn't anyone's devil. He stated that he's not anyone's executioner but that is Charles Manson. Manson had almost no chance of ever being released from prison on parole ever again and he knew it. Because of this, he either showed up treating it as a joke or he wouldn’t show up at all. He would change his mind all the time. On one occasion when he was positive he had the right to be released he stated that he was mad and indignant but still didn't break any laws and didn’t deserve to be put back in prison. Another time, when he mentioned that he wouldn’t fit in anywhere and wasn’t tough enough for the world outside the prison walls. Some people thought Charles Manson didn't deserve to be punished for the Tate murder because he wasn’t present when the murder took place (Bugliosi and Gentry,

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