Serial Killer: Leslie Van Houten

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Charlie Manson is known as one of the most danger American cult leader serial killer in the late 1960’s with his followers several notorious murders. Officials think that Manson carried out approximately 35 murders but Manson was never actually found committing the murders. Because he had his cult followers who were the ones that committed some of the murders, one of the followers that helped Manson was Leslie Van Houten. Leslie Van Houten she was 19 years old when she joins and was part on this horrifying cult when she was one of the person on LaBianca killings. Manson had a way to manipulate his followers so they can be part and be the one who committee the crimes, in the court Van Houten she said that Manson had taken advantage of her witnesses and vulnerabilities so she can …show more content…

Leslie Van Houten and the rest of the Manson cult family were arrested in 1969 with a charge of murders, Leslie was found guilty and sentence her to life in prison on March 29, 1971 in California. Fifty years later with 19th unsuccessful previous hearings, in April of this year a parole board determined that it is time to released Leslie Van Houten just if the verdict passes the review. The governor of California Jerry Brown is the person or the authority to determined the decision of Leslie, he had rejected the approval for the parole of her. Referring to the article website “biography.com in the article Leslie Van Houten Biography”.
After all these years Leslie been in prison I can said that parole officials need to considerer all the consequences that she and the community are going to face as soon as she is released. The facts shows that she is a murder that was found guilty, and that it affects families with her actions, that gives us a situation that people are going to reject her and the community they not going to welcome her back. I believed that parole officer need to considered the facts that she can be in one way

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