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Bryan Stevenson's is a lawyer who worked on cases where his client was on death row. Stevenson and one of his friends had created a law firm in Alabama that was nonprofit, and its sole purpose was to help inmates on death row. Stevenson saw justice as a person's own opinion ‘but he tried his best to help inmates lower their sentence. He worked on many cases and inspired many people to help others who could not help themselves.

Justice has many parts and each person's experiences as well as their opinions. Bryan Stevenson definition of justice is based on punishment, fairness, and innocents. When a punishment does not fit the crime, it is no longer justice but becomes an injustice. On pages 34 Stevenson recalls, “I was working on several of …show more content…

Stevenson sees his client to the end of his life and is left with the thought that life is more meaningful when it is taken and how people know that what is happening is wrong but will only be kind and helpful when they feel bad about the situation at hand. On page 70 Stevenson reflects on how when one of his clients was about to finish his death sentence people showed so much care now, but when his client really needed him no one was there. Threw out his clients whose lives he had been traumatized but going to fight in the war made it a lot harder and only further traumatized him. Stevenson's approach to explaining this shows the lack of fairness and kindness that is shown to people on and off death row. The way it only shows that it is known you are going to lose someone. Stevenson speaks about his beliefs about Walter's case “After many frustrating challenges, we reached settlements with all parties, but I was disappointed that we could not get more for Walter. Adding insult to injury, Tate went on to be reelected sheriff” (212). In this we get a rare thought from Stevenson about the trial and the outcome. It shows a lack of fairness as well because even though there is proof that Tate did not do his job properly, he was still reelected and allowed to be sheriff …show more content…

In this situation that would be winning or getting the outcome you wanted from a court case. Stevensons cases were not always what the reader would call a win, but in most cases, he was able to get off-death row which was the main goal. Stevenson was able to get Mr. MacMillan off death row for a crime he did not commit. Walter McMillan case was extremely complicated as well as fabricated based on race. Stevenson was able to prove that MacMillian had nothing to do with the crime. Within another case Stevenson says, “I decided to take on the case. We got Charlie’s case transferred to juvenile offense. That meant that Charlie wouldn’t be sent to an adult prison, and he would likely get out before he turned eighteen” (103), this may not seem like the biggest win to some, but this allowed for a child who had been thrown a lot to have a life away from what he had done as well as what happened to

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