Child Soldier Persuasive Essay

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Child soldiers have endured situations that some adults can’t even imagine. Most of these kids have been sold or kidnapped away from the only family they’ve ever known (Gettleman 6). Giving them amnesty shows a unique form of love they may not even remember. This love can ease them back into society. Others believe that the only way they’ll be put back into society is after they have been through prosecution. The problem with that is, jail often hardens people-especially children. They are just kids who need guidance, not jail time. Many people wonder how these children have become the way they are. It’s a type of pain that these kids follow in order to live. These children rarely remember love. Giving them amnesty can help show them forgiveness, which in a way, is a form of love. They need someone, anyone, to forgive them; so that they can forgive themselves. Fortunately, many adults learn to forgive these kids. The only requirement that the children want is someone to always be there. And while not everyone can learn to love, everyone can understand the concept of forgiveness. …show more content…

Some of them don’t remember their families or the love a family provides. They don’t remember that feeling of home. Some claim that the only way to fix what these children have been brain-washed into doing; is by prosecuting them. Unfortunately, sometimes this deepens one’s (especially a kid’s) hatred for others. The best way to help them is by giving them amnesty. The amnesty helps re-create the maturity required to become an aspiring young adult. So the next time people think of amnesty, they should choose it; as it will show kids what builds

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