Analyzing The Movie 'The Road'

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Mankind has socially changed over the centuries. In the movie, The Road we are presented with a fictional setting where the environment has been affected with a catastrophic event. The land has been corrupted and there seems to have no signs of life from the earth. The society of civilization has collapsed and people are reduced to their basic motives. Throughout the movie, the characters are presented with different options and outlooks on how they can tackle each situation. The earth has always been a source of natural resources that we depend on. Humans require water to drink and bath in to avoid infection. The water must be clean and free of any harmful bacteria or pollution and contain very little salt to be considered usable. Other resources include wood as fuel to create a fire for warmth or as building material for shelter. People depend on these resources to live and thrive in any location. The Road left us with very little information on what caused the earth to become corrupted. The aftermath resulted in dark gray skies with constant thunderstorms looming over the land. The trees looked petrified and dead, with no signs of chlorophyll or other pigments. The most stereotypical post-apocalyptic setting someone can imagine. People were farming for their food and simply relied on hunting …show more content…

The movie contains a portion in which people have banded together and resorted to cannibalism. The son automatically labels them as bad people. From my understanding and per “Sleeping with Cannibals,” ( there are tribes in Indonesian New Guinea that still practice cannibalism. Do we still consider those people that we do not know or understand their laws and rules bad? At the very end of the day, people are trying to survive through any means. If food is scarce, people will resort to whatever it takes. I have noticed that the topic of cannibalism has been brought up in many end of the society movies and TV

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