The Silence Of The Lambs Psychopath

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The Silence of the Lambs was an unbelievably chart topping favorite in the early 90’s. Although, it is an exaggerated theatrical performance it is slightly realistic. For instance, Hannibal Lecter portrays the criminal Ted Bundy while Buffalo Bill is a figure consisting of a few criminals to make up his unique character. The summarized plot of this movie is that rookie FBI agent, Clarice Starling, seeks assistance from Lecter in the Buffalo Bill case. The Buffalo Bill case is the nationwide search for a transgender serial killer who skins his heavier set female victims and sews the skins together to make garments. She believes that with Hannibal’s immense amount of psychological knowledge and similar criminal records she and Lecter could catch …show more content…

Hannibal Lecter was a sociopath and a cannibalistic serial killer. A sociopath, also known as antisocial personality disorder, is a person who shows no remorse or sympathy towards others, they disregard moral or legal standards, impulsive behavior, they are manipulative and cunning, and egocentric. Although, many of these qualities are associated with the definition of a psychopath, a sociopath acquires this disorder over time due to his or her social-culture influences unlike the psychopath who is genetically wired with this horrific illness. In the movies prior to Silence of the Lambs it is believed the onset of his disgusting flesh eating obsession was caused by the act of German soldiers invading his home during World War II, where they murdered his parents and devoured his younger sister. This background information and these proper definition’s allow us to recognize Silence of the Lambs’ biggest flaw, the moment when Dr. Chilton labels Hannibal Lecter as a psychopath. His cannibalistic ways are also influenced socially due to the fact he witnessed the soldiers consume his sister. Furthermore, cannibalism is rarely associated with neural malfunctions. The only time it is, is when a raw organ like the brain is eaten. This irrelevant to Hannibal’s because he cooks his victims before gobbling them

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