Silence Of The Lambs Mental Illness Analysis

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Silence of the Lambs Mental Health Analysis Silence of the Lambs explores the life of a psychiatrist with antisocial personality disorder who has a connection to a serial killer that is under investigation. While some of the characteristics presented in this movie correlate to those on the DSM-V for a person with antisocial personality disorder it creates a stigma and fear against people with mental illnesses. During the interviews Hannibal Lector shows many symptoms commonly observed in people with antisocial personality disorder and the facility shows the lack of resources and therapy for antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). Main Characters and Their relationship in the Presented Environment Lecter was interviewed by a training FBI agent Starling in a case of an old patient of …show more content…

Lecter kept this pen with him until he got transferred using this pen to remove the handcuffs. If I were a nurse in this facility I would have searched the patient prior to admission to make sure he didn’t have any objects that could present a treat to others such as the pen he had kept. Lecter took advantage of the inattentive behavior of the guards to attack them then escaping dressed as an injured guard. He started the movie without showing much signs of aggression, but his anger increased after a promised cell with a window was not given. It is important that promises are kept maintaining trust. They could have provided him with a cell that had a view as he was kept in a cage this may have prevented his desire to escape and the attack towards the guard. Halter (2014, 468) states that “in the United States there are no FDA specifically approved medications for treating antisocial personality disorder.” While there is no a specific treatment or medication known to work with patients who suffer from ASPD I would have assessed and treated his symptoms as they

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