One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Analysis

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In the drama film, One Flew Over the Cuckoo 's Nest, Patrick McMurphy was moved from a prison farm to a mental institution to get evaluated for his erratic behavior. Upon being transported to the institution, all his assumptions about his new home were completely wrong. The head nurse, Nurse Ratched, has the whole hospital under her control with little to no freedom for the patients. All the inmates at the institution go through rigorous training to become obedient to Nurse Ratched and her strict schedule and rules. The institution was a very controlled environment with the patients having no control over their own life’s while there. There are four characteristics of a controlled environment and they include the following: status hierarchy, depersonalization, adjustment, and institutionalization.

Status hierarchy includes the realization that you are not in charge of anything from symbols, such as a desk. Nurse Ratched is a great example of status hierarchy because she has the nurses station that the patients cannot get into, which symbolizes that the nurses have total control. Another time that status hierarchy was shown, was the huge desk in Dr. Spivey’s office. The desk shows that the doctor is in control while he sits behind it because McMurphy is sitting in a small chair while listening.

Depersonalization is understanding that everybody there is treated the same, acts the same, and lives the same. All patients must communicate about their personal problems and
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