Why Is Darwinism Considered Inhumane

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Darwinism is the theory of evolution of species by natural selection. Even though Darwinism is currently simply a theory, it would fill in many of the historical inconsistencies. Newton’s Third Law is “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. If the Big Bang was the initial action creating the whole universe, then actions will always occur. Even though this is evidence that the aging of the sun will eventually consume the series of revolving planets which combine to form its solar system, there is no evidence that will lead to the end of the entire universe. Every organism needs to adapt within the surrounding environment to survive. Cannibalism is considered “inhumane” is the vast majority of the world today, but many sections …show more content…

Just as an intelligent conscious is required to maintain a higher or lower height, an intelligent conscious is required to achieve time travel. “Our mental dimensions, which are immaterial and have no dimensions, are always escaping from the present… If I am recalling a past instance very vividly, my conscious is temporarily moving away from the present, being ‘absent minded’ as you would say” (Wells, Ch.1). Our conscious are always moving among the time-line. Remembering the past is an example of moving temporarily away from our current point in time. Since time is not physical and tangible concept, time travel would not need to move at the same speed as the physical world. “If it travelled into the past it would had been here this whole time… if it had travelled into the future it would still be here...” (Wells, Ch.1). Time Travel would be to replace our present conscious with one in a different point in time. One analogy would be if one ran across a field. This person would have the same dimensional measurements, but simply in a different location on Earth. “The Time Traveler appeared and had gray hair as per dust or ageing… He also had a

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