Neolithic Revolution Vs Industrial Revolution

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The Neolithic Revolution brought grand improvement and innovative development through technology. The Neolithic revolution occurred around 10,000 BC to 8,000BC. Agriculture was the main component that was affected during this time. This meant improvement for tools and making the agriculture process less complex, which helped develop the tools we have today. A refinement in agriculture had begun. This era, was quite different from the Industrial Era. This was when they made factories, and the idea of factory labor had become possible. The Industrial Revolution was during 1820 to 1840. These two revolutions have quickly modernized the Western world.
Human settlement changed drastically. Humans during that time had a harder time to look for food. During the Neolithic Era, there was the idea to make situations and looking for food much simpler. People …show more content…

This was bringing change into the economic and technological world. One of the inventions was the flying shuttle. The flying shuttle is machine that allowed people who weave to weave much wider fabrics. The flying shuttle could also be mechanised, which led to automatic machines looms. It made weaving a much faster process. Another great contributor that made life easy was other weaving machines like Spinning Jenny, and Crompton's Mule. These were both during the textiles industry, that help create fabric faster. With more work and demand, there was more labor which led to an increase of the middle class. People were getting paid to do these kind of jobs well, as much as it was needed to have workers in the booming industry. Overall, the Neolithic Era and Industrial Revolution have shaped us to be what we are today. We have gotten to increase and improve our current industry and improve our social organization to expand it through other regions of the world. This lead to many opportunities that would never have ever been possible

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