Personal Narrative: Key West

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K is for Key West
The previous week, I was in Disney World in Florida. I was with my mom and step-dad waiting for the bus to take us to the park when I received a call. She had texted me before asking when I got back, and then asking if I could go with her. I couldn 't believe this was true, so I replied “CALL ME”. Her grandparents had asked her to go and that she could bring a friend along. Since sadly her grandpa would not be able to do many things with her because of his defibrillator.
The day I got back from my trip, we went and got a lot of snacks from Walmart. From getting Kitchen Cooked chips, to munchies, to starbursts, jolly ranchers,propel and so much more. We bought enough food to feed ten people! I mean just getting the snacks for …show more content…

My appointment was earlier in the day and Macy’s was at 7:00 p.m. Her hair appointment took forever and I mean forever! She arrived at my house at 11:00 p.m. to pick me up since I was spending the night at her house before we left. I couldn 't believe that I was leaving in less than 24 hours to the Florida Keys specifically Key West. I remember that morning perfectly, Macy and I left to begin our road trip to Florida. We woke up at 5:00 a.m. ,and her grandparents were coming to pick us up at 5:30a.m. to begin our trip. We went to bed late the previous night because we were just so excited to be going together and so we could sleep in the car. Talking about the pictures we were gonna take, the places we would go, the beaches we would see, shopping, and more. Since we were so tired, we barely made it out of bed. Rushing to brush our teeth, brush our hair, and get our bags all waiting by the door. Her grandparents were running behind a little, arriving at her house at 6:20 am. It was still pitch black outside with not even a little sunrise. We rushed out to the …show more content…

With the sun barely rising, we slept most of the car ride to Tunica, Mississippi. We woke up about an hour before we arrived to our destination. In that hour, we talked, ate Mc. Donalds, and of course jammed out to music. When we arrived at Sam’s Town Casino Hotel, we rushed into the lobby to get our room. The line up to the counter was fairly short but since we were so excited it felt like an I’m-going-to-die-before-I-get-up-there kind of line. We finally got up to the counter, she was so nice asking where we were from and the most asked question of all if we were sisters. We got settled in with our room and getting our wristbands so we could swim. When we got up to our room on the second floor we were starving. For dinner that night we decided we would have the hotel’s buffet. They had many options from rice, catfish, sushi, and oh so many desserts. I 'm pretty sure Macy and I had about a sample of everything. After dinner her grandpa wanted to go to the casino while Macy , Grandma Kay and I went up to the room. That night was pretty lazy, but fun. We played card games like phase 10 and thirty-one. We stayed at that hotel three nights even though we were only supposed to stay for one. We stayed more since there was bad weather. Through those three nights we swam, ate cheese fries at the cafe, went shopping to get matching outfits, and went to Cracker Barrel when there was a tornado warning. The night before we left the hotel, we went and packed up everything and put it in

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