Princess And The Frog

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In this lesson, the students will be learning about the differences between reality and fantasy. The students will understand the difference between reality and fantasy, through sharing, Princess and The Frog adapted by Lisa Marsoli. The story Princess and The Frog is a fairytale which is a story that includes magical and imaginary beings and lands. For example, the characters used in a fairytale story include witches, queens, giants, princesses, princes, dragons, etc. This story is about a hardworking waitress named Tiana who dreams of opening up her own restaurant one day. She kisses a prince named Naveen who has been turned into a frog. Dr. Facilier was responsible for turning Naveen into a frog by using his evil magic to make the switch. …show more content…

The lesson will begin by the students analyzing a picture. The picture will consist of a pig flying. The students will be asked if this can happen in real life. The students will be asked “How do you know?” and to show evidence. The students will be asked if they know the difference between real and make believe. The students will be informed that things that could really happen are real and things that could not really happen are make-believe. A lot of books and movies are filled with things that could not really happen. Tiny people do not really live under stairs and pigs cannot really build houses made of wood, straw, or brick. The students will learn that real stories include biographies, news reports, and informational articles. Make-believe stories include fables, fairy tales, folktales, myths, legends, tall tales, and science fiction. The students will have this modeled to them on chart paper by using our previously read book, The Sign of the Beaver. There will be a graphic organizer on chart paper that has two columns which say reality and fantasy. The students will share their reality and fantasy examples from The Sign of the Beaver which will be placed on the chart paper. After this demonstration, the students will be

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