Dci/556 Week 1 Business Plan

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Unit Plan One: Law of Exponents Fauato Aokuso EDCI 556: Transformative Mathematics in the Differentiated Classroom University of Concordia, Portland I want to transform a Unit Plan for Exponents Rules, because exponent is one of the math components that some of the students have trouble solving. Some students have problem with it when they think about repeated addition and repeated multiplication. If I teach the basic rules of exponents, students will understand the difference between the multiplication and exponents. The other problem students mostly have trouble with in exponents is variables. Students need to understand the basics of solving exponential equation with variables. By teaching students rules of exponents with variables, they will have no trouble solving equations with exponential variables. Here is the outline of the Unit Plan that I will transform: I. Exponent Rules A. Positive and Negative Exponents 1. Understand Positive Exponents 2. Understand Negative Exponent B. Multiplication and Division Of Exponents with Like Base 1. Multiplication of …show more content…

If the teacher speaks every time, students won’t learn anything because we are telling them how to solve and work on the word problem. If the students work and we assist them through question, they will understand how to solve the problem. In my first year of teaching, I was talking and giving students everything they needed to know. In this new school year, I will take my students and use the real world activities. For example: Let the students walk around and use the materials to measure the things they see in their campus. This will be a perfect way to make them visual and understand the concept of math. The students can create a real world activity in their room. Let the students think and bring out their own knowledge that they have inside to learn what the teacher is

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