Academic Benefits Of Year-Round Schooling

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Year round school may seem arbitrary to the everyday person who has become accustomed to the standard 10 month cycle that most of the United States functions on. This year round style of school has started to become popular throughout the U.S., allowing students a short 2-3 week break about every 2 months to refresh their readiness to learn. This style of schooling is new to the academic world and has little study done on it thus far, but the benefits it has shown in its debut have been astounding. There are many aspects to consider when thinking of year round school including scheduling, academic benefits, and problems that may arise with this change in scheduling. Most U.S. citizens work a standard 40 hour week starting around 8 o’clock…show more content…
Many teachers who are employed by year round schools find that the knowledge retention of their students has been significantly improved with this system. At a standard school a summer break is anywhere from 10-14 weeks off of school, that gives students plenty of time to erase the majority of the past school year from their brains. With year round schooling summer is shortened to approximately 4 weeks which is hardly any longer than the other breaks that the students are getting year round. Having these breaks throughout the year keeps students from becoming restless during a lengthy summer or in their 13th straight week of school. To the benefit of the student this year round schedule allows teachers time during the school year to go to trainings to enhance their class rooms, prepare their teaching plans, and refresh their knowledge on upcoming subjects without the hassle of missing class to attend to these things. It is very important to successful students that their classroom functions well and that their teachers are present as much as…show more content…
I’d say the only way someone could fully understand year round schooling is to experience it themselves. I believe that the benefits from the free time the students have in result of year round schooling drastically improves students willingness to learn. Having a strong schedule year round teaches these students of real world responsibilities and allows them to experience freedom before they have to join the working world. As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”, I believe that having the opportunity to be educated year round will benefit not only the students, but the
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