Benefit Of Summer Vacation

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After every school year there is the summer holiday. Summer is probably the most exciting holiday of all for students because it comes after they finish school and is a huge holiday. Students can do anything and have nothing to worry about. People always seem to question if summer break is beneficial for students or not. Summer vacation is beneficial for students because it gives them a break from school, time for family, time to take courses and look for jobs. (Raisingsmallsouls)

It is beneficial for students to have a good summer vacation because students need a break and time off of school and work. Health can always be dangerous and an issue, if students keep studying without a break it could hurt them physically or mentally. (Wilson). Students being hurt and distracted can cause their grades to drop and that would be bad for them. “Whether physical or mental, health problems can be so distracting that they make it impossible for students to do their best. If a health problem, either suffered by yourself or a family member, is causing you to fall behind and your grades to suffer, you may need some time off” (Wilson). This quote shows that not taking a break could drop your grades and might even cause you to fail. Therefore, taking a break from school would refresh your brain and allow you to do well in school.

Family is the most important thing in life, not seeing family too often might be one of the biggest mistakes and regrets. People do not see their family a
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