Year Round School Research Paper

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Year round school! No summer vacation! Year round school sounds like a hassle. Should florida go to year round school? No because teachers don’t have time to go to meetings, clean their rooms, and finalize grades. Also extracurricular activities like sports or band are difficult under year round school. On the other hand, year round school can be great for kids because it is less burnout and less kids forgetting things over a long summer break. All in all year round school is too much for kids to handle. In addition, teachers don’t have time to do things in year round school schedules. Teachers like to go to meetings and clean there rooms so kids come back to a nice clean room. According to text 2, it states, “ When teachers begin a new school year, they usually have the time to attend staff meetings, tidy up their classrooms, and to prepare for incoming students.” So teachers wouldn’t appreciate if it changed to year round school because it wouldn’t give them enough time. All in all teachers would want time to do things.
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“That some educators, keeps the learning process ongoing with minimal disruption. A Duke University study even suggested kids attending year-round schools are at a slight advantage, because they don’t forget what they learned during the long summer break.” Kids that have year-round school have advantages over other kids because everyone knows more than others because when kids are off for summer kids in year-round school schedule are still in school doing work. However, year-round school is difficult but people like going to year-round school. Sometimes people that are in a year-round school don’t have time to do a lot of things like sports or just time to chill family. All in all people shouldn’t do year-round school because of many

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