Argumentative Essay: Should Children Have Summer Break?

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The first reason why kids should not have summer break is because we need to catch up in school. According to Carolyn Mctighe, she reports that the rest of the world is way ahead of America in the academic world. Even though kids think they need a summer break that averages out to about 3 months, they don’t. Just think in those 3 months what kids could forget, almost half of the information he or she learned in school that year (Mctighe). Kids need summers to learn not to take vacation because most students forget what they learned. In addition, Mctighe reports that the U.S. is falling drastically behind in school. In addition, she reports China’s education is ahead of the U.S by a lot. School year round is not that bad, kids get just as much or even more days off in the summer. It is very hard to get back to the school mode after a 3-month break. The first weeks of school are often spent reviewing things that students forgot over the summer …show more content…

Kids need a break. Just because school is year round, doesn't mean that students will get less of a break. The breaks will just be more spread out. The summer break most kids get is about three months long the year round school break averages out to about three and a half months. Would you rather get 3 months off or 3 ½ days off? Because students tend to have better educational and grade scores when school is year round, it makes sense to try to have it year round. (should kids be in school year round?). When kids get of school they want to relax. Studies show that it takes less pressure of the kids when school is year round. When school is year round you actually get more days of than off summer vacation. Year round school is the same amount of days as a normal school year so really it does not matter. I think that you will remember information better when you do not have that big gap in the summer time. (should schools be in session year

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