Reflection On An Effective Classroom Environment

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1. The classroom setting that I observed was a high school chemistry class. This encompassed mostly 10th and 11th graders. There were two 12th graders. The demographics were about sixty percent male and forty percent female. The race demographics included about fifty percent Caucasian and fifty percent other races. This included African American, Indian American, and Asian American. The teacher that I observed had a laboratory room that had benches the students sat at. The class was 30 students and they were divided into groups of five at each benchtop. The students were sitting on stools. The classroom environment was very inviting. The teacher had fun chemistry posters on the walls and information about the sport she coached. She had a large…show more content…
The student’s behavior can make a large impact on the effectiveness of the class if it is not dealt with by the teacher. The student’s behavior should not be distracting, but if the student is acting out the teacher must correct said behavior. It is more of the teacher’s responsibility to ensure the students behavior is in line with their expectations. If the students are allowed to act out this can be very distracting to an effective classroom environment. They must be aware of their boundaries.
d. Defined classroom procedures make a large impact on an effective classroom environment. This goes back to the set expectations that the teacher presents. For example, if a student acts out they should know the consequence without having to ask. In addition, another well rounded expectation includes the use of “cold calling”. If this is part of the classroom environment then the student will stay engaged in order to be prepared to be called on. Defined classroom procedures help a class be as effective with its time as
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My personal classroom management style includes setting very clear expectations. I will start at the beginning of the year letting my students know what I expect. I will not accept anything less than my set expectations. If a student deviates from my expectations I will correct this quickly and with the appropriate consequences. For example if a student has an attitude their will first be a warning, then there will be a detention. I try to praise in public, but punish in private. For example, if a student has their phone out I will ask them quietly to put it away. In addition, if I have an issue I have to address with a student I will do so out in the hall. This keeps the relationship intact between me and the student, but corrects the behavior as well. In addition, I want to be warm and allow time for questions and inquires. I would like to be able to keep a good relationship with my students, but also keep them on task. If the entire class needs to change their behavior then the entire class will be addressed. For example, if I have a class that has an issue with talking over me, I will reprimand the class and start handing out tardies to the students that will not stop talking. Again, this keeps the relationship because it does not embarrass
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