The Importance Of Living In A Multicultural City

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A challenge like no Other! A handshake, a tight hug, a gesture like bowing down, a kiss on the cheek, or something quite unique like sticking one’s tongue out at someone are all results of multicultural cities. According to Hutchison (2017), at the beginning of the third millennium, more than half of the global population lives in cities and economic integration as well as globalization fueled what is called cultural diversity and originated what is known now as multicultural cities. Sociology dictionary describes the multi-cultural society/city as “a society characterized by cultural pluralism”; one society rejoices cultural mixtures such as linguistic, religious, ethnical diversities (, 2017). The wealth of multicultural cities poses challenges to the multicultural cities and their citizens. But, living in a multicultural city is by itself a very beneficial exercise not only on a personal level but also in terms of cultural exchange, economic exchange and generating new ideas.

One experiences what is called cultural variety when living in a diverse area. He is somehow introduced to new kinds of foods, architectures, arts, music, festivals, religions, mythologies, writings and more of general day-to-day life. These new things would easily open one’s heart and mind to new places, new ideas and new people. According to (Wolfstone, 2010) nowadays all people around the world happily go out and eat Chinese food, use Japanese technology, drive German

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