Multiculturalism In The Egyptian

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I write this not as an Egyptian citizen, but rather as an individual that is worried about his homeland country’s future. Egypt is a nation that has many communities and therefore different cultures, beliefs and opinions. These different cultures form the final Egyptian culture with its traditions and customs. The citizens of Egypt are very proud of their culture and are trying to protect it from external modifications. Nevertheless, Egypt needs to integrate itself with diverse cultures as it is in the process of developing and needs to reshape and gain specific habits in order to advance. Immigrants shouldn’t fully assimilate themselves into the Egyptian culture. Instead they should consider themselves as multicultural. This in turn should …show more content…

Multiculturalism creates a pleasant path with peace and harmony. To the opposite, when people are enforced to assimilate into the Egyptian culture, it causes them to feel bitterness, and is more likely to maintain their cultural heritage in a secret manner. If we look at a society where multiculturalism is supported, all individuals are inspired to practice their own culture out in the open. This gives people the opportunity to get to know a variety of different cultures, which is in our situation important. Thereby, this guides the society, on the long run, to a greater understanding between cultures and fewer misunderstandings. In assimilation cooperation between cultures will never be found, but it is when a culture is superior over another. Therefore, we as Egyptians will never gain anything by suppressing minorities to follow our way of living. If we desire to become different and a more developed country we have to accept change and respect others and allow them to practice there traditions. Or should we remain as we are? We have to stop forcing foreigners to drop their culture because it does not fit in in our society. Egyptians often say, “You should fully integrate with the new habits in our country”. Just because an individual crossed some drawn lines upon a map never means that he or she should give up on his or her traditions. But in fact, they can keep their valuable traditions and add to them some new from us and in return we can learn from them new habits that are ethical as well as acceptable for us. Imagine yourself, as an Egyptian citizen who is very connected to your culture, being forced to loose your cultural pride and traditions just because you moved to another culture. Would not that be seen as unfair? A wise person said, “You cannot

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