Comparing Lord Of The Flies And Egypt Essay

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There is for sure a great relation between the texts we’ve read throughout the semester and what happened in Egypt over the past months, what is still happening, and maybe what will happen next. I find the Lord of the Flies is the best example or instance that I could use in this paper as it really reflects on what happened in Egypt for the past few months. Lord of the Flies is mainly about savagery, brutality, and barbarity, which is exactly what happened when Mohammed Morsi was in charge of presidency in Egypt and Abdelfattah El Sisi was the commander in chief of the armed forces.
Just like Jack, Ralph, and the people on the island in the Lord of the Flies, this is an exact symbolization of what we had in Egypt few months ago. President …show more content…

Everybody in a specific nation, particularly the individuals who run the nation, should join with a specific end goal to accomplish the most ideal routes for authorizing development, civilization, and organization in the nation. If a person ever chooses to do anything, he should first think about the outcomes and think about the advantages and damages this specific thing may do. "In a civilized society, each individual is allowed to do whatever he/she wants as long as it does not harm one another." (Mill). People have the privilege and opportunity to do whatever they need, as long as it doesn’t cause any type of harm to another person. This additionally goes for any individual who is responsible for an entire country, it is with profound sorrow that these days each person, even those running countries, just think about their own advantages. At the point when each individual figures out how to join together and unite and when viciousness, severity, and brutality get to be figures of weakness rather than power, this world will be an enlightened, serene, civilized place for

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