Advantages And Disadvantages Of Multicultural Society

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The definition of multiculturalism is when you have cultural diversity within a society. Many people assume that having a multicultural society is a great thing, and in most ways it is. However, with a multicultural society, some problems will occur. In this essay I will debate whether or not a multicultural society is a good thing, and will be pointing out advantages and disadvantages. A multicultural society comes with many great things, and an obvious advantage is the promotion of diversity and being open minded. Societies such as the Norwegian one can truly benefit from learning about tolerance and being broad minded, as Norwegians can be very xenophobic. However, with a much more diverse society people will hopefully become much more educated and tolerant about cultures other than their own. With more tolerance and education, optimistically stereotypes, prejudice and racism will eventually fade and people will become more accepting of each other’s differences. You could argue that this would have very little output in some cultures, countries or societies, however I believe that with the younger generations people will soon become more tolerant and less racist. In some slower progressing countries or societies this could take a long time, but eventually with internet and people connecting more through for example social media, people will rid of their conservative and old fashion thoughts. Although this can be a huge challenge in countries that has little experience

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