San Mexican Alienation Research Paper

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Moving throw places looking for a better tomorrow, I found myself in San Francisco, a prospering and innovative city located in Northern California. A city of multicultural neighborhoods and diverse populations. The home of Europeans, Asians, South Americans and Hispanics; where you could be whomever you wish to be, due to the lack of a principal or dominant subculture.
Alienation is not an option in San Francisco; the city gives you the privilege to choose the way you would like to look at things, supporting your decision with a community or a group of like-minded people that share common distinguishing characteristics; giving you the sense of belonging.
I am amazed by the subcultures of San Francisco. I have never seen so many different people, interested in multiple and unique things. A walk around the city is an unique experience. You could start on Market Street seeing the everyday life of S.F. people. Then, walk from Stockton Street to Columbus Avenue observing the urban landscape, Union Square, Stockton Street Tunnel, Chinatown and Little Italy. …show more content…

they most be from Mexico and they most speak Spanish. My native language is Spanish which gave me the upper hand in the situation, right? Well, I was wrong. They are from Mexico, but they do not speak Spanish, they actually speak Yucatec Mayan.
I was mind blown by the idea of Mayas cooking Chicken Teriyaki Donburi inside a Japanese restaurant. Why are they here? Why San Francisco? Why a Japanese Restaurant? Who long have they been doing this? Are they alone in the city? Do they even speak English or are they like some Chinese people that barely step out of Chinatown because they only speak their native

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