The California Gold Rush: A Positive Impact On American History

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The Gold Rush supposedly inspired the largest mass movement of people in world history because of the incredibly large masses of gold being found in the West. People found thousands of dollars in gold and people of all different cultures and backgrounds moved Westwards in hopes of finding gold as well. The Gold Rush left a positive effect on American History because Americans became wealthier and more foreigners came to California which expanded diversity. To start, Americans were able to sell this gold in exchange for loads of money. One man who only had a piece of land that was four feet square “got thirty pounds of gold in less than a month.”. Additionally, a group of five miners “collected $75,000 in gold,” (Gillon 63). This proves that from the Gold Rush Americans were able to grow in wealth and, in some cases, simply by using their own territory to gain more money. The Gold Rush left a positive impact on American History because Americans gained money.…show more content…
the city San Francisco “became the most cosmopolitan city in America, with large numbers of French, Germans, Americans, Mexicans, and Chinese,” (Gillon 69). This shows that the Gold Rush attracted immigrants from all around the world to California which caused the city to become more diverse and more cultures were practiced throughout California. California became more diverse because of the Gold Rush. In conclusion, the Gold Rush had a positive impact on American History because Americans grew in wealth and California became more diverse. Americans were able to make thousands of dollars off of gold and immagrants and foreigners from all over the world came to California. Citizens became richer and all different cultures learned to
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