Washington Gold Rush

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Discovery of Gold The discovery of gold introduced immigrants, gold rushers, miners, loggers, railroads and infrastructure community to Washington State. The immigrants or settlers came to Washington to look for gold and the discovery of gold helped increasing the population in Washington. In order for gold to be found, there were prospectors, miners and loggers that were there to find a way to complete their mission by finding gold. After gold has been discovered, it introduced an infrastructure community in small towns across the west. Gold introduced a lot of elements in Washington State and it created civilization in Washington. “Gold was first discovered in Washington in 1852 by a Hudson’s Bay Company agent at Fort Colville,” ("Washington"). During at the time, there was a war in process with the Yakima Indians and it interrupted a large-scale of any serious mining activity. Eight years later in 1860, there were “large deposits of gold that was uncovered in the Orofino Creek and Clearwater River,” (“Washington State History”). The results was it brought a rush of prospectors to the Walla Walla region and making “Walla Walla the largest city in the region,” (“Washington State History”). After the arrival of the …show more content…

Due to increasing population and more prospectors in the region, mining was created to help increase the chances of finding more minerals to strike rich. Soon, logging industries comes in to make big money by selling lumber to other states and help other local businesses. Logging made making railroads easier and faster with constant, steady supplies of lumber. After railroads were completed, settlers and immigrants stormed in Washington for a new, bright civilization and land to make money. The discovery of gold introduced an infrastructure community in Washington and helped created the future that we are now living in

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