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  • Gold: Life In The California Gold Rush

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    Gold, gold, gold in California! It lasted barely a decade. However, the California Gold Rush was a grand adventure for a generation of brash young men, most of them citizens of a brash young nation. The journey to California for finding gold was hard and dangerous—the forty-niners had a tough time. In 1849 the East was electrified by some news. These news stated that crossing the continent, on the West and, close from Mexico, golden nuggets were lying in the ground. After hearing that in California

  • Dahlonega Gold Museum Research Paper

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    The Dahlonega Gold Museum has long since been an attraction for tourists to this little mountain town. It harbors many displays of historical artifacts and interesting items that tell the story of how Dahlonega became the city it is today. From huge gold nuggets, to maps of the mines, to a document signed by the 10th president of the United States- the Gold Museum features objects that brilliantly display the charm and the history of Dahlonega. But as wonderful as the artifacts are, they can’t compare

  • Marshall Gold Rush

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    a beat. He has found gold that is the same size as a pea, then he found another, and another, and another. Marshall then went to find Sutter to share his new discovery. Sutter was amazed with Marshalls finding, and to test if it was real gold, they put the gold in some acid to see if it either had an impact, which means fake, or no impact, which means real. After other tests, like weighing the gold to see if it weighed more than normal metal, and reading an article about gold, it passed and Sutter

  • Washington Gold Rush

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    Discovery of Gold The discovery of gold introduced immigrants, gold rushers, miners, loggers, railroads and infrastructure community to Washington State. The immigrants or settlers came to Washington to look for gold and the discovery of gold helped increasing the population in Washington. In order for gold to be found, there were prospectors, miners and loggers that were there to find a way to complete their mission by finding gold. After gold has been discovered, it introduced an infrastructure

  • Gold Rush Racism

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    The California Gold Rush of 1848 brought gold-seekers from the eastern United States and Chinese immigrants from abroad to the California frontier, a move that established San Francisco as the west coast urban center of commerce and trade. The conclusion of the Civil War and the abolition of slavery left a void in the Southern states’ economy as southerners struggled to keep up with the demands of their formerly slave-worked plantations. As San Francisco was making strides mimicking American imperialism

  • Gold Rush Identity

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    The Gold Rush was one of the great movements westward, one that marked an American tendency of uprooting one’s life in the pursuit of wealth. Over 100 years later, the turn of the century marked another great exodus that paralleled that of 1849. The motivation for this movement is no longer a lust for gold but now, a thirst for oil. Within the past seven years, North Dakota has seen the largest oil boom

  • Essay On The Australian Gold Rush

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    Gold rush Essay – Draft 23-05-16 By Jardel. S Main The Australian gold rush was an event in Australian history where people all around Australia and the world came to mine for gold in the gold fields near Ballarat, Victoria. How was the Australian gold rush a great triumph for the nation and its communities? The Australian gold rush brought in massive sums of constant income and customers to Australia. The gold rush helped build towns, railways and the very economy Australia. Maids, shopkeepers

  • Gold Rush Dbq

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    against a resolution in Congress to create as national monument for those who moved to the West in the 1850s and 1860s, also known as pioneers. The discovery of gold in the Sacramento area in early 1848 started the Gold Rush, which is one of the most significant events that shaped American history during that time. Thousands of prospective gold miners, mostly men, traveled by sea or over land to San Francisco and the surrounding area in search of wealth. Whatever the motivation, the pioneer men and women

  • The California Gold Rush

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    Did you know that the start of the California Gold rush brought more than 250,000 people west to California? The Gold Rush was a defining time in the history of California. The outcome of the California Gold Rush was a significant compromise in the nineteenth century because it led to forming of towns as people migrated, forming of California as a state, and the Compromise of 1850. On January 24, 1848, a discovery was made that changed many Americans’ lives. January 24, 1848 James W. Marshall

  • California Gold Rush Effects

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    The True Impact of the Gold Rush The reason why the California Gold Rush was so popular was mainly because no matter what time period, almost everyone has the desire to achieve instant wealth. It was almost like a lottery that anyone could become rich with and the only risk to take is to move to California, which isn’t that big of a price for many to pay. This all sounded great and almost too good to be true to people of the world, not only Americans, and everyone wanted to see it for themselves

  • California Gold Rush Analysis

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    First Response The California Gold Rush began on Jan 1848. The founder of its first majestic gold was James W. Marshall. That was the new, daring adventure for many Americans who held hope, and optimism. By the 1850’s there was a large population of 300,000 newcomers that ventured out and settled in California. One of those ambitious Americans was Chandler; he eventually became a typical gold miner who exercised hard work to gain his purpose for wealth. Chandlers perceptive regarding women and

  • California Gold Rush California

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    Gold Rush California of 1848-1853 Jacob Voss One day in January of 1848 James W. Marshall found gold while he was building a sawmill along the American River near present day Sacramento. The discovery was reported in the San Francisco newspaper in March but it didn 't cause much commotion due to not many people believing it. What really started it was when one day in May 1848 Sam Brannan, a store owner in stutters creek, filled a bottle with gold dust and basically went around San Francisco yelling

  • California Gold Rush Essay

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    greatest immigrations was to California during the Gold Rush in 1849. Gold was found near Sacramento at Sutter 's Mill as the news of the discovery began to spread people from the east and several thousands from around the world went to California with the hope of striking it rich and bringing tons of gold home. The Gold Rush in California created an economic boom in the Bay Area, a mix of new cultures and a new type of society. Before the Gold Rush, California was hugely underpopulated. The only

  • Gold Fever In The 1930's

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    Sutter’s Mill discovery was not the 1st cited discovery of gold in American history.However, it influenced the terminology known as “gold fever” on an international level; because of many citizens across the globe saw on newspapers that gold was almost visible to see and had a fifty percent to find the popular golden nuggets. An intense amount of cultural and social changes occurred throughout the 1830’s and 1840’s owing that fact of the gold fever affecting the transition of immigrants towards the

  • Forty Niners Gold Rush

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    Forty Niners Gold Rush On January 24 1848 when James W. Marshall found gold at Sutter 's Mill in the town of Coloma located in California. Then when the word got out everyone from around the world rushed to California to try to strike it rich in search of gold. The people that rushed to California were later referred to the Forty Niners. The Forty Niners contributed to the Economy by populating the state of California. Not only did around 300,000 people come to California to mine gold. Towns and cities

  • Essay On Australian Gold Rush

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    Gold rush essay The gold rush was an event in the Australian gold fields were Australians came to strike rich .The intention of this essay is to discuss if the gold rush was a tragedy for overseas immigration. Before this essay addresses why the Australian gold rush was a tragedy for multiculturalism this essay must describe what the event was. What was the Australian gold rush? Why did the gold rush attract people from overseas? And what treatment did immigrants receive once they commenced working

  • San Francisco Gold Rush

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    Francisco, a city that is old in terms of culture, is evolving at accelerated rates in both the financial and technological industries. Historically, San Francisco has been the epicenter of several monumental events and natural disasters, such as the gold rush, the catastrophic 1906 earthquake, the formation of the union labor party, building of one of the largest bridges in the world, and two significant technological booms. The expanse of the city through these predominate events brought about the

  • Essay On California Gold Rush

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    The California Gold Rush The California Gold Rush; an era of hope, greed, destruction, and growth. The California Gold Rush was, in the 1800s, a direct pathway to the American Dream. In January 1848 James Wilson Marshall found gold in the American River. This new discovery spread throughout the United States and eventually throughout the world. After President Polk confirmed the rumors of gold in California in 1848 (Oakland Museum Staff), around 250,000 people came to California in seek of the soft

  • John Sutter's Gold In California

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    were to be given a Mexican land grant, however, as his small town grew, more opportunities started to rise. Due to the large amount of gold in California, Sutter’s town was officially established in 1849 and it was named Sacramento. When the city was first established, it consisted of small shanty shacks and poorly constructed wooden buildings. However, the gold rush brought an abundance of

  • Narrative Essay On The Gold Thief

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    Jasur-The Gold Thief He stood there, gazing at the gleaming mountains of gold and diamonds, wondering if there even existed such a thing that could finish off his collection. The king of the kingdom of gold. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him. It would be the most dangerous, insane thing ever done, but if he made it, it would be worth it. He was thinking about stealing King Drago’s precious gem, the gem that belonged to the most feared king in the whole kingdom of Ragastone. Peter was a young