How The Components Of Chicago's Hard To Be Organic Community

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With a big city comes big diversity. My hometown, the city of Chicago, not only is diverse because of the people, but it is also very diverse because of the food. If you were to visit the top floor of the Willis Tower, or as my fellow Chicagoans would refer to it as the Sears Tower, you would be able to see majority of Chicago, and its various components. My hometown of Chicago has actually tried to be more organic and be more involved in the food movement, as well. Even within my neighborhood, which is a primarily Hispanic neighborhood, has tried to be more organic. Although some may argue it’s hard to be organic in such a huge city because of all of the food deserts, Chicago is trying very hard to counteract this for the sake of the health of our city. Over the past several years, Chicago has dealt with many issues. Not only political issues, but food issues as well. One of them being the food deserts. A food desert is quite common in Chicago, sadly. Many neighborhoods are left without a supermarket near them, in which they would have to travel either by car or by public transportation to be able to buy groceries, or they would often have to settle for a convenience store or gas station. The mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel, has been trying to eliminate all of the food deserts in the Chicago area (Mayor’s Press Release 2013). …show more content…

Sure it is a very busy city with weather that is always unpredictable, but the diversity makes up for everything. Specifically, in my neighborhood, there’s the typical fast food restaurants, such as McDonalds and Burger King, but then there’s restaurants that are authentic to the Hispanic culture. I’m sure that this goes for the other cultured neighborhoods as well. All of the different components that make Chicago great, not only emphasize on our diversity, but also emphasize how our city is developing and proves how Chicago is starting to take part on the infamous food

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