Summary Of Revitalizing America's Food Deserts

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Revitalizing America’s Deserts for the better Revitalizing America's food deserts is a complex challenge that requires a comprehensive and collaborative approach to address the underlying social, economic, and environmental factors that contribute to food issues. In the article, “Revitalizing America’s Food Deserts,” Stephanie Nussbaum discusses food deserts. She examines how local, state, and federal governments, as well as the private sector, are trying to address the problems of food deserts in many communities. The government in America has been trying to tackle the issue of food accessibility and affordability for years now. “The challenges of accessibility and affordability go hand in hand” (page 108). This quote explains the struggles …show more content…

Doing this helps tremendously with food deserts. “Across the country, state and local governments are addressing food deserts by lowering the barriers to entry for supermarket operators”(page 109). This quote explains what America has tried to do to improve the food deserts across America. If they continue to provide support to local and certain areas they can tackle the issue as a whole. The importance of having accessible supermarkets go far beyond just having food you can easily reach. The people in the community can change their views of themself and their community according to the quote, “But supermarkets can provide more than just improved food access and economic growth—new investments can change how residents see themselves and their communities (page 109). This quote proves benefits of improving food issues go far beyond food into people's …show more content…

Transportation remains a problem that is actively trying to be solved today. The transportation needed is driving people to have access to food. Also, they may be needed to be transported to stores that provide food. In certain instances, food may need to be transported to the person. “Private sector innovations have largely focused on transportation—either transporting people to grocery stores or transporting food to people”(110). This quote explains the main point of the transportation problem. Many new solutions have been in the works recently. “Lyft, the ride-sharing company, partnered with nonprofits and grocers to launch the Lyft Grocery Access Program” (page 110). This quote explains that the company lift has made efforts in assisting people in accessing groceries without making a profit for themselves. All this is very important for the success of changing the food

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