Nordstrom Core Competencies

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Nordstrom Acquires Startup Tech Companies
In March of 2018, Nordstrom announced that they were acquiring two start-up companies as a part of an e-commerce restructuring/realignment strategy to help keep them in line with their competitors while they work towards reprivatizing the company. The two companies they purchased were MessageYes and BevyUp, while each program’s goal is to improve digital retail, MessageYes is aimed towards the front end of the retail experience, where BevyUp is aimed at improving the back end.
MessageYes, is a technology that enables Nordstrom to send customize/personalized text messages to their consumers using artificial technology (AI) to help enhance the users experience. Within the text message …show more content…

The definition of omni-channel retailing, as provided in the course is “the same shopping experience across all channels with fully integrated backend systems” (Wong, 2018), Nordstrom demonstrate their efforts to achieve this by acquiring to start up technology companies that enhances the omni channel experience. BevyUp extends the customer-business relationship from the brick-and-mortar store to anywhere the stylist and user are and through a integrated app that provides an industry standard level of personalization. This also relates back to the course, where BevyUp is offering a augmented level of customer service, where they are going beyond a basic service and bringing a added levels of value that should look to drastically improve customer loyalty.
MessageYes also, helps with their omni-channel goal, because it provides a new channel for the user to make purchases, get promotions and ask questions, but creates “extreme personalization” by analyzing information on past purchases, similar users in the segment, abandoned cart, etc. from all of Nordstrom’s channels. The notion of one-to-one marketing and extreme personalization also are aligned with another critical aspect of omni-channel retailing, which is the goal of offering a personalized experience that is unique to each

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