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  • Ethics In Pharmaceutical Industry

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    Minor Assignment – Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products and Industry Trends. By: Hely Desai, P002- M.Pharm + MBA (Pharmaceutics) Submitted to: Mr. Ashutosh Ojha Ethicality in pharmaceutical marketing practices in India. India is amongst the fastest growing pharmaceutical markets in the world. The ethical conduct of Health care professionals (HCPs) is vital to maintain professional autonomy, integrity and freedom in their interactions with pharmaceutical and health care organizations. Implementation

  • Pharmaceutical Industry Analysis

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    1. PHARMACEUTICAL SECTOR 1.1. INTRODUCTION The current chapter will highlight the basic factors governing the financial significances and importances of pharmaceutical industries in Pakistan. It briefly discusses the introduction of pharmaceutical sector in global market vis a vis pharmaceutical sector of Pakistan and its role in economics. 1.2. PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY According to US Fedral Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, 2008, Pharmaceuticals are the core that are meant to cure, treat, recognize or

  • Pharmaceutical Industry Case Study

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    CHAPTER 8 MAJOR CHALLENGES FACED BY THE INDIAN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY The Indian pharmaceutical industry was on a strong growth trajectory in the last decade. It has achieved several milestones. However, the industry needs to tackle various issues related to its operations and regulations. It faces several challenges in the form of pricing of pharmaceutical products and impact of some agreements.  Impact of GATT-TRIPS agreement The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and Trade Related

  • Pros And Cons Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

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    The Pharmaceutical Industry The pharmaceutical industry is no longer in the business of helping people, the only thing drug company’s now care about is how much profit they can make for their executives and their shareholders. They do this by exploiting their medication and extorting money from patients who need their lifesaving medication. Because of the rising cost of medication, insurance companies are having to raise their premiums, causing more and more families to go without medical insurance

  • Analytical Chemistry In Pharmaceutical Industry

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    Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry Fahiem Haywood 216194512 Faculty of Applied Sciences ND: Analytical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry 1: Research Assignment 23 April 2017   Table of Contents I. Introduction……………………………………………………………………..3 • Definition of Pharmaceutical Analysis.............................................3 • Definition of Analytical Chemistry…………………………………….3 • Importance of Analytical Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Analysis…..3 • Techniques that are used in Pharmaceutical Analysis……………

  • Counterfeit And Piracy In Pharmaceutical Industry

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    and Society As different industries are producing high-quality products to respond to the needs of 21st-century generation, the problem of counterfeit and piracy is rising thus becoming a threat to the society and economy. Counterfeit and piracy do not discriminate industries; they are threats to almost every industry where profits can be made. Among the most targeted industries, there are fashions and luxury industry, software and media industry, and pharmaceutical industry which is the focus of this

  • Strategic Management In Pharmaceutical Industry

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    Strategic management is an ongoing process in pharmaceutical industries. It is defined as the process by which managers make a choice to set strategies for the organization that will enable it to achieve better performance. It is a continuous process that appraises the pharmaceutical industries in which organization is involved; appraises its competitors and fixes the goals to meet all the present and future competitors and then re-evaluate each strategy. Strategic managers must not only recognize

  • Swot Analysis Of Pharmaceutical Industry

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    Porter’s 5 Forces: Entry Barriers: Now we will attempt to find out, what are the entry barriers and attractiveness of the Pharmaceutical industry in order to understand, if the industry is giving enough perks to the new entrants or is not really fruitful. We have considered some barriers and opportunities that would tell us, how the industry is behaving. • Product differentiation (like Patents, licensing agreements and selective access to natural resources) gives competitive advantage to the existing

  • Essay On Pharmaceutical Industry

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    The pharmaceutical industry is that part of the healthcare area which deals with medications. It comprises different subfields pertaining to the discovering, developing, producing and marketing of medications. They deal in generic or brand medications and medical devices such as thermometers, syringes, nebulizers, and many more along with providing services such as lab testing. The pharmaceutical industry is driven largely by profits and competition and functions just like any other industry. It

  • Crystallization In The Pharmaceutical Industry

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    The importance of crystals to the pharmaceutical industry is evident that major of the pharmaceutical products contain a drug in crystalline form. Over 90% of all pharmaceutical products, such as tablets, aerosols, capsules, suspensions, and suppositories contain a drug in crystalline form [1]. Crystallization, particularly crystallization from solution, is the bottom-up unit operation in the production of pharmaceutical solids and is invariably used as a separation and purification procedure. The

  • Price Discrimination In Pharmaceutical Industry Case Study

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    PRICE DISCRIMINATION IN PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES Student Name Institute Name Contents Introduction 2 Price discrimination 2 Explain what price discrimination does to producer and consumer surplus? 3 Why price discrimination is justified by MOMA? 5 Conclusion 6 Reference 8 Introduction The report will discuss in detail about a common type of pricing method that every business engages in. this method is called as Price discrimination. The point of debate is whether price discrimination

  • Quality Management In Pharmaceutical Industry

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    Pharmaceutical industries Pharmaceutical industry deals with discovering, developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling medicinal drugs. To ensure the potentiality, usefulness and safety of medicines History of pharmaceutical industries, it must follow plenty rules and regulations of the origin of medicines. The earlier histories of medicinal training made by early Chinese, Hindu and Mediterranean civilizations from plants, minerals, animals. `A herbal compendium` was written by the legendary

  • Importance Of Quality Management In Pharmaceutical Industry

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    INTRODUCTION Pharmaceutical industry is the most astringently regulated manufacturing industry. This industry requires a system for the management of quality. Any mistake related to quality of drug product can affect the public health. Poor quality of pharmaceutical products could be health hazard and waste of money for both pharmaceutical industry as well as the consumer. A system for quality management is needed at every stage of production. The concept of quality management system in pharmaceutical industry

  • Porter's Five Forces Analysis Pharmaceutical Industry

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    PORTERS FIVE FORCES ANALYSIS - PHARMA INDUSTRY Using Porter's Five Forces we can analyse the scope of the pharmaceutical industry. It looks into five factors namely, competitive rivalry, threat of new entrants, threat of substitute products, bargaining power of suppliers and bargaining power of customers. " Competitive rivalry: The pharmaceutical industry is highly fragmented with almost 3,000 pharma companies and 10,500 manufacturing units. Due to increasing demand of high-quality drugs, low-to-moderate

  • Biotechnology In Pharmaceutical Industry

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    Development of biotechnology in pharmaceutical industry provides benefits for both patients and firms. On one hand patients prosper ability to achieve much safer and specific treatment due to advanced biotechnological drugs which leads to better quality of life. Innovations in pharmaceutical industry plays critical role in improving total health in society. On the other hand pharmaceutical firms benefits from entering biotechnological industry by increasing market share and profitability and decreasing

  • Pharmaceutical Industry Profile

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    INDUSTRY PROFILE The pharmaceutical sector- globally and in India- has been evolving rapidly. This industry has witnessed rapid transformation and growth. Especially in India, the growth has been significant. Starting from a rather small amount of Rs. 10 crore in the late 1940s, the pharmaceutical industry registered a turnover of over 6 billion dollars, as of 2004. The annual growth rate has been over 17%. The Government policies and acts supportive of growth and development of the pharmaceutical

  • Pharmaceutical Industry In Pakistan

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    At the time of independence in 1947, there was hardly any pharma industry in the country. Now Pakistan counts close to 430 pharmaceutical companies, including those operated by 25 multinationals present in the country, over 90% of which are national companies. The Pakistan Pharmaceutical Industry meets around 70% of the country's demand of Finished Medicine. Although Pakistan's pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors are expanding and evolving rapidly, about half the population

  • Cleaning In Pharmaceutical Industry

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    Up to the 1950s close systems in the pharmaceutical industries were disassembled and clean manually. This usually takes a large amount of time for some industries that needed frequent internal cleaning of their processes. The use of clean steam in the biopharmaceutical industries is covered by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). These are general rules applicable to pharmaceutical manufacture, they do not provide any specific recommendations regarding steam, but do present the general requirements

  • Pfizer Ethical Issues

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    Introduction The pharmaceutical business is regularly condemned an exceptionally profit driven industry (LaMattina 2013). In this assignment I will be looking at the ethical breaches that Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company, is infamous of. SECTION A - GENERAL 1. Ethical issues facing pharmaceutical industry According to MacDonald (2016) the following are the ethical issues facing the pharmaceutical industry. • Pricing • Interference with the logical production process • Interference with the clinical

  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Case Study

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    E-Detailing: The Future of Remote Pharmaceutical Marketing Prof. Sandeep Rathod B.Sc. (Biotech), M.Sc. (Integrated Biotech), M.B.A. (Mkt.), Ph.D. (Per.) SPPU, Pune ________________________________________ Introduction: Face-to-face promotion is the dominant promotion tool for pharmaceutical, medical equipment and biotechnology companies. However, there is a growing level of discomfort with the current selling model. It is incredibly expensive and inefficient. Physicians don’t like it much. At a