Hcs/532 Week 4

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1. What is the value of Institute for Healthcare Improvement?
The value of Institute for Healthcare Improvement is to provide safe and high quality healthcare to all patient in a standard manner. Achieve continuous improvement and advancement of health care technology. (Institute for Healthcare Improvement)

2. List three to five data elements and why you would use those metric data for the dashboard?

Some of the metric data that are on the dashboard I would use are the basic information, providers and services, diagnosis, prescriptions and dosing, and outcome. Basic information will give provider a brief information about the client’s general health history. The provider and service will show the health care provider what has been done and if the patient has been compliant with the treatment plan. Diagnosis shows the patient’s ongoing problems and if there are additional new emerging problems. Prescription and treatment supplies the clinician with treatment duration dose and effectiveness. The outcome allows the clinician to see which treatment approach worked and which treatment approach did not, based on the outcome the care provider adjust the treatment plan.

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Where and how do you ensure you are retrieving valid metric data?

Data are extracted from the existing information in the Electronic Medical Record(EMR) and from patient and clinician questioner to create a chart and graph that contained significant data that can be reviewed in a short time

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