Examine CMS Value-Based Programs And Quality Metrics

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Identify what quality improvement is synonymous with. Review the steps in process improvement. Explore the technology support to enhance quality improvement. Examine CMS value-based programs and quality metrics functions. Then discuss CMS value-based programs factors as well as CMS quality metrics. Furthermore, discover the eight measurements for the patient- and caregiver-centered experience. Meanwhile, research the value-based approach impact on health organizations. Lastly, reveal the value-based program legislation.
What is Quality Improvement Synonymous With
Quality improvement is a strategy synonymous with identifying issues within the organization so healthcare leadership can implement the necessary changes needed. Because the goal is …show more content…

They also use their quality metrics as a guide for hospitals to measure information. The measures include mortality, safety of care, readmission, patient experience, and timely & effective care. These measures are then calculated based on a five star rating with at least three measures reported in at least three of the groups with one of the groups being mortality or safety.
Eight measurements for the patient- and caregiver-centered experience
To ensure that healthcare organizations continuously strive towards giving the best possible care and improving the quality of care for their patients there are eight measurements for the patient- and caregiver-centered experience. These are respect regarding the patient's values, preferences, and needs; information and education, access to care, emotional support, involvement of family and/or friends, continuity and secure transition between health care settings, physical comfort, and coordination of care. They all work together to transform healthcare into a model that is patient centered.
Value-based approach impact on health

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