Nt1330 Unit 2 Team Analysis

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This week as always starting by reading about the conditions and recursion. It seems like too easy when it reading, but on practice have challenged. I think the condition and recursion are very important to change algorithm into a program. After that, I tried to do the assignment which was the week challenge. I forget to do self-quiz this week because I just focus on to resolve the assignment. Before I have started the assignment, I had to think again and again how to starting because I know I should put the two number in the whole number but I didn't to such thing. My feeling was sad in last week because I didn't make properly my assignment. Although have tried many times, I couldn't get a solution. I understand programs work with something …show more content…

I tried alone to design the program which means without watching the video that was placed as the example from our instructor but the instructions weren't as the flowchart or pseudopods. Although I gave all my time, I got a solution. Before I started the assignment, I had to think again and again how to follow the execution, but the starting point to find the whole number This week I learned about conditions which are; 1, modulus operator divided integers and yields the remainder when the first number division with the second. 2, A boolean expression is an expression that is either true or false. It is the double equal sign "==", which compares two operands and produces True if they are equal and otherwise False. 3, Logical operators which are or, and, or not. The meaning of logical operator the same like English 4, Conditional execution which is important to check conditions and change the behavior of the program and the simplest form is the if statement. A statement which has header '' If " has the same structure as function definitions. The statement like this is called compound statements. 5, Alternative execution which the second form of the "If" statement. It has two possibilities and the condition determines which one gets executed. It hold If and else and show us either True or

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