Nt1330 Unit 3 Routine

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Ms. Pedone and I quickly reviewed her monthly calendar to see if she had added anything new to it . She did not add anything to the calendar. Ms. Pedone and I reviewed her weekly schedule to help us establish and tweaks to her routines. We needed the weekly schedule, because it is hourly base and gave us a good time frame for the routines. While Ms. Pedone and I were trying to establish 3 routines for her family, I thought it would be best for us to first start by writing down the routines as she sees them now and things in a routine that she would like to change. First, thing I did was have Ms. Pedone tell me exactly what they do in the morning. By doing this we established that Jordanna is home by herself for roughly 2 hours. Ms. Pedone clarified that during this time she stays in constant communication with Jordanna by phone. She calls to wakes her up, tells her to get ready and then calls back repeatedly to check in to make sure Jordanna left out for school on time. …show more content…

Jordanna is normally home alone from 3pm to 7: 30pm. Ms. Pedone told me she has made arrangements for Jordanna to stay with a friend until she gets off of work and picks her up. Jordanna does her homework and eats dinner at her friend 's house. Their official night time routine starts at 8:30pm, but it depends on whether or not Ms.Pedone has to cook or if she has leftovers from the previous night. Jordanna bath time usually overlaps with Ms. Pedone cooking. After dinner Ms. Pedone checks Jordanna’s homework and pts her to bed. She than gets her uniform and Jordanna’s uniforms out and ready for the next

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