R's Willie Sellers: A Case Study

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R/s Willie Sellers has prostate cancer and he is a dialysis patient. R/s Mr. Sellers’ wife Maggie Ellerbe/Seller is his primary caregiver and she has a heart pacemaker and a bladder problem. R/s Maggie is not taking care of her personal hygiene. R/s there is a concern that Maggie maybe handling their finances improperly. R/s within the last year the family’s electricity had been turned off. R/s the family has of history of moving and at each location their water and electricity have been turned off. R/s according to Maggie their power had been turned off since Friday and they are staying with a friend. R/s Demaris (8) is living with Willie and Maggie because his mother Tiffany is working out of town. R/s Willie, Maggie, and Demaris all receive

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