Comparing Leadership In 'Lion King And The Matrix'

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Lion King / Matrix Leadership Essay
The two movies we watched were The Lion King, and The Matrix. Both of these movies showed plenty of examples of leadership, mentoring, communication, and listening. The characters in both movies use teamwork and listening skills to get through an obstacle and solve the problems that they faced.
The first level or step in leadership is position. This is the step where the people follow you because they have to. One example of this is the Hyenas from the Lion King. When Mufasa came to save his son they were respectful and fearful because he was the king and they must listen to him or else. The next step in leadership would be permission This is when the people follow you because they want to. An example of …show more content…

In the Lion King, Mufasa died and Simba left the pride land because he lost hope. Later in the movie Simba, along with timon and pumba worked together to fight scar and the hyenas and take back the pride land. Another example is in The Matrix. Morpheus need the help of Neo to defeat the agents that hunted them and tried to kill them in the Matrix. After working together to train and prepare Neo he was ready to face them and did defeat them.
The characters throughout the movies used different forms of communication to get ideas across. One example was the businessman who interviewed Mr.Anderson used his body language to convey how he felt about him. Another would be the in The Lion King when Scar used his body to show that he was scared when Mufasa confronted him about not being at his son's ceremony. One more example would be how Neo from The Matrix used his body language to show that he wasn't scared when the agents began to shoot at him in the end of that movie.
In conclusion it’s clear that teamwork and leadership is a huge key in everyday life. Teamwork is necessary to complete a lot of tasks and missions in life. As for leadership it takes a good leader to maintain a good team. They need to know everything there is to know and must be able to handle

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