Examples Of Envy In The Crucible

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Crucible Essay The seven deadly sins were shown throughout the crucible many times. Many of the characters showed signs of having these traits. The characters in the story all had a few similar traits and that was anger. Everyone was blaming each other for things that were not true. The traits that a character had in the story showed what kind of person they were and why they would do things like that. Abigail Williams is a victim of her strict Puritan Society, witnessing the death of her parents, living under the strict rules of her uncle, and hoping to marry John Proctor. Pride or Vanity is an excessive belief that interferes with the individuals recognition of the grace of God. Pride was shown by multiple characters throughout the play. A few examples …show more content…

Envy is the desire for other’s traits, status, abilities, or situation. Envy is a trait that many people have today not just in the crucible. Many people show envy over what someone else has and wish that they could be like them and have what they have. In the Crucible envy was shown by multiple different characters. Abigail Williams wanted to be with John Proctor but had to get rid of his wife Elizabeth. When Abigail Williams said ‘” Envy is a deadly sin Mary” She says that because she knows she has committed envy and is trying to accuse Mary of it. (Page 117) Anger or Wrath is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. Anger is a trait that everyone has. Anger can cause terrible things to happen just because someone did something that you don’t like. Many people in The Crucible showed anger especially when they were accused of witchcraft. Ann Putnam shows many signs of having anger. When Ann Putnam said “I’ll not have you judging me anymore” (Page 45). Mrs.

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