Unit 222 Health And Social Care Level 3

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Describe the communication requirements of different audiences

Knowing your audience helps you to choose which form of communication to use, for example, if I was speaking to a child I would speak calmly with a slightly high pitched voice as its more soothing towards the child, where as if I was talking to a teacher I would speak in my normal tone, depending on my relationship with the teacher, where as if I was talking to someone very important I would speak in a polite, professional manner.

Different audiences require different communication styles. When communicating with other people, it is important to adapt to meet their needs. If you are trying to pass on information to someone outside of your department, it would be impractical to use technical jargon that they would not normally come across or use. When speaking to a customer who is upset or angry, you should remain calm and ensure that the instructions you give them are completely understood in order to avoid further confusion. If you started talking to an upset customer in a complex manner, and they didn't understand, then they would probably get even more upset and angry. So it’s important that you always adapt your communication when speaking to different types of people. When knowing your audience it eliminates your options.

Unit 222
Explain the importance of using correct:
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Another example of appropriate body language would be sitting up straight when being spoken to by customers and making sure the right hand gestures are used when giving advice or explaining things to customers. It is also important to use the right tone of voice when speaking to others, a polite and calm voice is always best when dealing with important people in which you need to make a good impression

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