Leadership Styles In The Movie Analysis

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Throughout the movie, Management and Leadership is a very common topic featured in the film. There are various leadership styles shown throughout the movie by many of the characters. The management and the leaderships styles shown in the movie are quite unconventional which works very well in some cases. The scene which highlights management and leadership is definitely the time-out during the game of Muggle Quidditch. The team is down by seven points and is in real need of leadership to rally the team together. Billy and Nick tell them an encouraging story which turns out to be from a movie called Flash Dance. They encourage the team to give of their best in the task. Their communication gets extremely better and thus them making a comeback. They didn’t win the task but through this, they bonded like never before assuring themselves of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Another leadership scene shown in the movie is by Graham when he initially recruits his team for the internship competition. The leadership style is quite autocratic when he picks his team, he goes around looking at people and judging them on their appearance and what university they came from. He started pulling out the passive individuals who seem to go along with his plan. He manages his team with little of their input and say in his plan. …show more content…

The different chapters we do in business is shown throughout the movie. There is more than just the above content shown in the movie such as the human resource and marketing. there is a lot of content in the movie which shows us in practice in what we learn about in Business studies. It is very useful to us that we see what we learn about in business studies being put into action. I learnt a lot personally from the movie and I think my fellow classmates did too. This movie really helped us to see more aspects of business clearly and it was an interesting task to

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