Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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Leadership Essay What qualities make somebody a good leader? And how might one leader be better than another? In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Ralph is shown to be the leader of all the boys trapped on the island. In the TV series The 100 by Jason Rothenburg, Clarke becomes the leader of the ninety-nine other teenagers sent down from the Ark. Although both of these characters prove to be the best leaders for their groups, once one compares these characters side by side, it is evident who is the better leader. Clarke is a better leader than Ralph because she prioritizes the group’s well-being over her own. Clarke is a better leader than Ralph because she not only cares about herself but also cares about the well-being of …show more content…

When all the boys first arrived on the island, Ralph's first instinct was to make sure they survived. This led to him making a fire and coming up with the idea that they “got to have special people for looking after the fire” he also believed that “any day there may be a ship out there [...] and if [they] have a signal going [someone will] come and take [them] off” (Golding 42). It is shown in this quote that Ralph really did care about getting everybody off the island. Some people may interpret this as Ralph cared about all of the boy's safety since he was willing to create the fire and make rules that make sure it stays lit as well as keeping hope that they will be rescued. However, it is clear that Ralph is not the better leader because he is unable to come up with solutions in stressful situations. After Jack ran away due to the boys refusing to go against Ralph, Piggy was the one who was helping Ralph come up with what to do next since they discovered the beast. Piggy could tell Ralph was upset so he came up with a solution on his own and told Ralph they’ll “need to stay close to the platform [since] there’ll be less need of [Jack] and his hunting” but Ralph only responded with “There’s no help, Piggy. Nothing to be done” (Golding 128). Once a challenge arises, Ralph is quick to give up and refuses to come up with any solutions, this includes ignoring the solution Piggy gave him. The counterclaim fails to support this evidence because if Ralph truly cares about the safety of the group, he would be able to come up with a solution when they really need one. Even though one might say Ralph is the better leader because he cares about everybody's safety, it is evident that he isn’t since he is unable to come up with solutions in stressful or difficult

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