Disadvantages Of Team Working

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Team working Team working is a process where different people and different groups come together and work together in a business, to achieve a common goal. There are many ways of organizing a team. For example, teams can be organized around a product that is going to be developed, while a team can be organized around a process. The main benefit of working as a team is that it allows the organization to achieve goals that cannot be achieved by individual working. Advantages of team working Higher quality outcomes – Working as a team can create outcomes that are higher in quality. For example, richer ideas and better use of resources. This is because group working involves many people, with different ideas. Higher efficiency – Working as a team means the efforts of each individuals are combined, so they can accomplish …show more content…

Team members learn to support each other, even after the project is over. Team members would learn to adapt to other people’s working styles which may result in beneficial approaches outside of the team work structure. It would also lead to a more social work environment where employees share ideas or brainstorms to reach their personal and professional goals. Disadvantages of team working Lack of participation – in some teams, there can be a lack of participation where a few of the members sit back and make others do most of the work. This could lead to resentment in the workplace, and conflict may occur as a result which can affect the entire workplace. Individuals not a good team player – some individuals may not do well in teams. Many may prefer to work on their own, and actually get more positive outcome then working as a team. If a business needs employees who work well in a team to accomplish a task, the business need to do well in screening out during the hiring

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