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Use Gantt charts to clearly display the timing of tasks required to complete a project.
A clear and tidy workstation makes creates a more organised and efficient way of working.
Effective time and task management will bring benefits to both the individual and the organisation. However poor time and task management will have a negative impact on both the individual employee and the organisation.
Effects of poor time/task management Benefits of good time/task management
Staff may become stressed and this can in turn lead to absence from work Lower stress levels which will reduce staff absence
Morale will drop and staff may then experience low job satisfaction which in turn can lead to high rates of absenteeism and …show more content…

Make use of desk filing trays and operate a clear desk policy to ensure all documents can be located quickly.
Meetings that take longer than necessary Ensure that meetings have time limits and perhaps use could be made of timers or alarms so that those present at the meeting know how much time they have to talk. Ensure Agendas are realistic.
Making unnecessary journeys Group jobs together so that visits to the photocopier or other departments are only carried out once or twice per day.
Procrastination Use should be made of a to-do list or a priorities list and one task should be fully completed before another task is started.
Unclear or poor communication There should be a clear line of communication between subordinate and line manager. Clarification should be sought when there is any uncertainty about a task.
Crisis Management Avoid reacting hastily to an emergency or unexpected situation. Take time to plan a realistic and achievable solution
Lack of forward planning Use should be made of planning aids such as priority lists and action plans
[C HEAD] Delegation
Delegation is where responsibility and/or authority is given to another person (usually from a manager to a subordinate) to carry out certain …show more content…

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[B HEAD] Setting targets for the individual and the organisation
It is very important within any organisation that staff share the management’s vision. One of the duties of the senior administrative assistant is to set both personal and departmental targets to enable the organisation to meet its long-term aims and objectives. Departmental targets will only be achieved by employees working as a team and towards achieving their own personal objectives.
[C HEAD] Why set targets?
There are a number of reasons why targets should be set for both individual employees and the organisation as a whole. Setting targets

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