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Strategic Plan CanGo is a very successful internet business that has not followed the traditional ways of building a strong organization. Elizabeth Bennet, the CEO of Can Go, had a dream, pursued it and obtained success by accident. The purpose for the strategic plan is to develop a strong structural organization that has the ability to manage a successful innovative organization with character and integrity that leads the ecommerce market by remaining abreast of cutting edge technology. This strategic plan will shape how Can Go does business and to ensure the delivery of the highest level of professionalism to the customers. The vision, mission and value statement will be engrained in the behavior, how well customer behavior is understood, …show more content…

Progress and challenges will be tracked by managers. Celebration will be in order when goals are achieved and challenges will be handled as they arise. Culture Objective 1 Develop a vision and mission statement The first focus for CanGo is to develop a vision and a mission statement which establishes the identity of the organization and what the executive management hopes to accomplish in the future. The corporate vision is a focal point for the employees of an organization as they will experience pulling due to everyday demands. The Book of Proverbs states, “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Prov.29:18). Vision and mission statements is the decision maker of new ventures, if the new venture does not support the vision and mission statement, they are not to be considered. Strategies a. CEO and department directors develop the vision and mission statement b. CEO and department director inform staff of the vision and mission statement Organization Objective 2 Define the levels of

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