Dental Assistant Reflective Essay

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Today I worked in operatory. One of the dentists really took to me and now she uses me as her main assistant. So now I'm usually always in the operatory, assisting in procedures. It was actually a nice gesture of her to use me as her primary assistant. She told me that before I had come along, she was pretty much doing all of the procedures alone. There were no good assistants that had experience. I interacted with two dentists, a few dental assistants, the hygienist, and a receptionist that’s been there for 30 years.
My duties included running patients back, prepping rooms, sterilizing, giving post-operative instructions, and taking radiographs. Since today was predominately oral surgery, all saliva ejectors had to be ran clean with bleach water. We make sure that all patients are protected from the risk of cross contamination. I tried to be as efficient as possible. Every week, I give myself a goal to reach. I try to do better than I did before. I keep a list of things to include in procedures or corrections I received.
Although it was not as hectic as it has been before, it was really busy. I was able to see a lot of procedures. I didn't really have to compete with any of the other pre-dental and high …show more content…

One patient in particular I immediately recognized. She was the older adult patient for the week before. As before, she was very scared and anxious. immediately when I saw, her she ran to me and rejoice because we had worked together before. She explained to me that some issues with happen with her chart and I reassured her that we would get it all taken care of. Same as last week, the doctor spoke to her in a very condescending tone. I knew that you're never supposed to use ageist language. Also, you're never supposed to talk to older adults like their children because it's extremely rude and

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