Gastrointestinal Patient Essay

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I. Introduction Every year, gastrointestinal cases always present in the list of morbidity. It is an endemic problem affecting pediatric patients found in every hospital. Thus, this hospital assigned areas of concentration based on their age, type of illness, and organ specific focused. In this way pediatric clients will receive the highest form of nursing care in a more specific approached to certain disease like the ailments of the digestive system that can be seen in the gastrointestinal ward. II. Clinical Area Description The gastrointestinal ward is one of the hospital areas designated as a place for patients who suffers diseases of the organs for digestion. The main feature of this area is to restore the fluids in the body from a state…show more content…
Emergency medications, intubation materials/equipments, and oxygen supply must be readily available at bedside in case of code. Oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and cardiac pulse are frequently checked. If possible, mechanical ventilator is best to be available. 10. Cholera Nurses must emphasize hygiene and sanitation to the family since it may bring concern in the public eye. The nursing care plan is just the same as acute gastroenteritis. Oral rehydration solution is part of the therapeutic management and should be instructed correctly. 11. Cholestatic Jaundice, Biliary Atresia Regular blood extraction should be planned to prevent children to be uncooperative in the plan of care. Nursing procedures must be explained well in order to secure the consent from blood transfusions and radiologic examinations. Conversation for possible operation and transfer eventual transfer to surgery ward should be open up. 12. Achalasia Health teachings include radiologic procedures and operation. Assent from the child and consent from the parents are necessary. Diet modification is very crucial which involves: raising the head of the bed, small and slow feeding, and avoidance of foods that may induce acid
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